There are enough talkers. Meet some doers.

What we do well (and what we don’t do at all)

Direct Search

Discreetly, efficiently and quickly, we find and screen candidates to fill the position you are creating or replacing. We go far beyond online communities to target corporate leaders and functional experts who are not on the market and probably doing a great job somewhere else – maybe at your biggest competitor. Heck, if you’re not a client, we may be calling your key people – or you if you’re talented enough.

But these days, there are other ways to get the best out of a good firm than just to help fill a vacancy.

Talent Mapping / Scouting

Do you foresee a need to strengthen various function areas over the next 1-2 years? Make multiple hirings? Develop a team? We can partner with you.

Recently we mapped out the entire Sales team of an industrial client’s biggest competitor. In 8 countries. Over 60 names. In a week. We approached 30 people and they interviewed 10. How many do you think they hired for a single fee, about 20% of the conventional cost?

For another client, we presented them with org charts of 16 sites from Sweden to Ukraine of their 3 biggest rivals - over 200 people in Operations. Over the following 12 months their plan is to hire 20-30 people. The total hiring cost will be the same as 4 single searches from one of those big firms.

What we don’t do

We hate to disappoint our clients, so we will never accept a search which we can’t deliver.

And there are plenty of examples. Usually positions which are too low for a direct search to be quick enough, effective enough or cheap enough. We are not geared up to help you hire SAP programmers, accountants, pharmaceutical reps, network engineers and graduate-level management consultants. There are plenty of database agencies and bodyshops which are more efficient – we might be able to recommend a reliable one.