Are we on the same page?

Let’s pull back the curtain on executive search

If you're used to working with big-name or function-focused recruiters, you might have picked up some ideas over the years about the way the recruitment world works.

For example:

  1. a search firm needs a local office in each country (or a "network partner") to find suitable candidates there. (Look out for our upcoming article The truth about search firm networks)
  2. you will need one or two partners for HR, some more for finance, another couple for supply chain, another for government relations…
  3. a supplier who advertises for you on the web or in the press is going to get you the best candidate
  4. a big database will get you great results fast


Don’t mistake consensus for wisdom.

We have been successfully disproving the traditional search model for almost 10 years, working with smart companies who understand that when it comes to recruiters, bigger isn't always better, and "knowing a lot of people" doesn’t make you a good headhunter. While we’re at it, what is a headhunter? We'll be writing a piece about this too very soon

We can even offer you SIX different fee structures, depending on your goals and budget.