Are you Sapiens?

Since 2003, Sapiens has been turning the established model of executive search on its head.

We challenge thinking on all aspects of search – how long it takes (too long), the limitations in finding candidates, the over-reliance on personal networks, the off-limits restrictions, the way fees are calculated, the way you use search as an (expensive) remedy to fix a single problem. We have deep experience in executive and specialist recruiting, and offer much more than the transactional approach. We are opinionated, unafraid to ask awkward but important questions and talk openly about the things which most search firms want to keep quiet. We are proud to be contrarians.

Our approach has demonstrated for 14 years that there is a more intelligent way to conduct search. Most search providers – including the big US and European names - are land-locked. Many do not have the competence or experience to search beyond their own country, and if they do, it usually happens via networks or associate firms. We are genuinely different – contact us to find out more.

We have a 250-project, 26-country track record which demonstrates that a firm based in 1 location can – with the right skills and experience - successfully deliver search assignments across EMEA and beyond.

We can help your organisation too.

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